The Grand Opening Giveaway Introductions and Instructions


I really wanted to start off this new year with a big giveaway, mostly to celebrate the grand opening of my business, but also because giveaways are fun! I have never hosted a giveaway with multiple prizes from other vendors, so this will be something new for me. Hope I don’t screw it up!

I thought it might be nice to get to know the vendors a little bit. So I will do my best to show them off, but to really get to know them you should visit their pages, websites, etsy stores, or whatever venue they use, because that is what is going to help you really see what they can do and what they are all about!

First up, is my neighbor and friend, Debbie Pittman.  She is always first in line to help out, and she loves to watch my kids….so in my eyes, she is at saint status 🙂 She has a wealth of crafting knowledge, and she is always willing to share her tips, tricks, and even her interfacing when I run out! While I do not know what she will be putting in the giveaway yet, I assure you, you’ll love it! You can view her etsy items here!

This next person is someone you have all come to know and love on facebook. Her shop features all sorts of lovelies for you and your kids at very reasonable prices. A huge thank you to Brooke from Babycakes for being a part of this giveaway. Brooke is a great friend, she was an awesome bridesmaid (that seems like a hundred years ago…but I guess it’s only been 7 years), and she is a very talented artist!  You can check her out on her facebook page, or her website.

Next up, is Mrs. Rebekah Farmer. She is the head honcho of Baby Mine. A beautiful boutique full of all kinds of gorgeous girly things….and some great boy items too. I only know Rebekah through facebook and, more recently, her blog. You can read for yourself what an inspiration this woman is. She is a generous and kind person and I am thrilled to have her participate in this giveaway! You can also find her etsy shop here.

You may have also seen this name around facebook….Walla Bear Designs. Everything there is created by Alaina Ingle.  All of her work is beautiful and her fabric choices are to die for! To see what I mean click here.  And especially here 🙂

Next is Hannah Dean from Sew Much Love Customs. She makes dolls, stuffed animals, blankets, bags, and more! I also love her fabric choices and have quite a few of the same stuff in my own fabric stash 🙂 You can find her on facebook through the link above, or on her etsy page.  Be sure to look through her photo albums to see all of the adorable creations she has.

Last, but certainly not least…Shiela Horton. A dear friend from elementary up through high school, Shiela and I go waaaay back. She recently started her own business, and wants to share her goodies with all of us. She runs Horton’s Heats and Treats, a home-based bakery. I have sampled her work, and trust me, it’s delicious! She offers, spices, jellies, baked goods, and the list could go on and on and on. You can also see her menu and prices here on her webpage.

Ok, so there you go…a very brief introduction to the people who are going to make this giveaway great! I huge thank you to all of you that are participating, it really means a lot to me and I can’t wait to return the favor to all of you 🙂

If you have clicked the links in this post then I am sure you are dying to know what you can look forward to winning….but be patient, pictures will be coming soon. All you will have to do to enter is to ‘like’ the facebook page of the individual that has donated the prize. I will post a picture of the item up for grabs on my blog and you will leave a comment under that photo to be entered. If your name is drawn and we find that you did not ‘like’ the page that provided the item, you will be disqualified and another name will be drawn. It’s all pretty simple, right?! I hope you are all as excited as I am…I think there will be some very satisfied winners after this is all said and done 🙂

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave me a little something to read in the comment section below.


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