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Diaper Bag


I’ve been tossing around ideas about what to enter in the Sew-vivor competition. I have been making lots of kids clothes lately, and that was my first thought. But I just felt that, while I love the clothes I make, I wasn’t sure if it showed much sewing skill. So I tried to think about which sewing projects have been my most challenging….and I have decided that it’s my Diaper Bag. So that is what I plan on entering.

I think the most challenging part of making my bags is adding lots of structure and details. Ironing in the interfacing for all the pieces of this bag takes me FOREVER….and ironing is definitely not my favorite thing to do. But the final product is worth it, so here it is:


I Need Your Help!…(Don’t freak out it’s not super urgent)


I have never entered a sewing contest before, but I randomly came upon this one and I want in!! But….I can’t decide what to post. In the initial round there is no limit to what you can post, no guidelines (well except that it must be sewn by you), and I’m having a hard time deciding what to enter. My husband and a few friends vote for a purse. I am torn…I like my purses, but how creatively can you photograph a purse? I just made a new style of dress, which I LOVE, and I thought about entering that, but I’m not sure how much it shows off my sewing skills. But kids clothes do photograph nicely….. :/ The only other thing I have is an unfinished quilt…which I could finish since I have all of Feb to do so. I’ll post the pics, you help me decide!!!! Pretty please with sugar on top 🙂

You can click on the pics to get a better view….

Thanks for helping out! I look forward to hearing what you have to say 🙂