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First Craft Fair


Well it finally came and went, my very first craft show. I have spent so much time sewing and sewing and sewing and trying to build an inventory in 4 short weeks. And although I did not meet my goals as far as amount of inventory, I was pleased with what I was able to bring.

The pictures are not great, but you can get the idea. I thought the $1 and $2 bins would be a hit, but I was wrong….and if they weren’t going to pay $2 for handmade flowers with quality clips on the back, well that should tell you how willing they were to buy anything else from me ;). I couldn’t even manage to give away candy to very many people! It was a tough crowd.

But it wasn’t all bad. I really did enjoy the day. It was fun to see how everyone else decorates their booths, and takes that 6×6 space and OWNS it! (6×6 is even smaller than it sounds). I also got to spend the day with my booth-mate and friend, Minina. We had lots of fun talking and catching up. Her sweet husband brought us lunch AND dessert…thanks Adam! All in all, it was a fun time.

We also had the opportunity to meet new people…some that I have admired over the web, like the Owl and the Envelope, and some that had yummy wine and friendly conversations, like Lyndi Rouse ! I even had a guest stop by! Thank you Brandon (my husband’s college roomie and amazingly talented photog)  for coming to wish me luck and show off that darling little girl of yours.  I wish that I had mingled more and met more of the talented people there. I just felt like a bother walking around staring at their goodies because I didn’t intend to purchase…. well maybe if I had made some money I would have been inclined to spend some.

My display worked well. It showed off the goods so that everyone could see everything, no one had to sift through much. Everyone responded well to the clothes and even the purses. I actually had people checking stitches (which is something I secretly do, but pretend I don’t 🙂 ) and were pleasantly surprised that it looked neat on the inside and out.

I would like to think of a better way to display the knits. They don’t look nearly as adorable laying flat as they do on a cute little head, or whatever, round 3D object you have….maybe some styrofoam balls would do the trick. We decided that it would also be nice to have a stamp with my logo on it for last minute price tags and for stamping the bags that purchased goods go in.  If I were to do craft shows on a more regular basis I would also get a credit card swiper…I think people just enjoy the convenience. One little girl, maybe 7 or 8 yrs old, told her Dad, “hurry I want to go find the ATM noooooowwww”. I got a good laugh out of that one.

So, hopefully next time the sales will be better and the company will be just as enjoyable. I would definitely do it again….but I’m going to need some R and R first 😉




Not that I had any readers on the edge of their seats awaiting my return, but I really was hoping to keep up with this more regularly. My goal was originally to post once or twice a week as I found things that inspired me to create, so I could inspire you to create. However, ever since I signed up for this craft show (March 11th at Southlake Hilton, in case you were planning on coming to see me!) I haven’t had a free second. I have been taking orders and also trying to build an inventory at the same time. And, well, I’m not very good at it. I can’t seem to work on the same thing for more than a day 🙂 We’ll say it’s sewing ADD. It’s nice to have lots of different options to offer people, but I’m afraid I won’t have more than one or two of each thing in each size. Hopefully customers will be understanding and willing to order something if they don’t see it there!
Anyways, I do have lots of tutorials or craft inspirations to share…I want to write a post on what to do with all of those unused t-shirts clogging up the space in your drawers. I want to try my hand at some how-to’s….how to start sewing, how to start knitting, or crocheting. It would be helpful if my dear readers would comment and tell me what they would like to know.
So this post is just basically an apology to myself and to you for not keeping up with my blog. I will do better….after March 11th!!